What is PoE RMT?

PoE (Path of Exile) RMT stands for Real Money Trading in the context of the video game “Path of Exile.” RMT in PoE involves the buying and selling in-game items, currency, or even characters for real-world money outside the terms of service and rules set by the game’s developer, Grinding Gear Games (GGG).


In “Path of Exile,” players earn items and currency through gameplay, which can be used to trade with other players for different in-game goods. However, the game’s economy is designed to be self-contained, with transactions meant to occur only within the game’s ecosystem using in-game currency and items.


RMT is generally prohibited in “Path of Exile” and most online multiplayer games because it can disrupt the in-game economy, give buyers an unfair advantage (pay-to-win), and lead to various security issues such as account hacking and scams. Game developers actively combat RMT through various means, including monitoring transactions, banning accounts involved in RMT, and implementing systems to make RMT less attractive or feasible.


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